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Epic Boats was founded around the idea of bettering the wake experience, and we realized early on that selling an innovative boat was only the first part of helping new and progressing riders better themselves and their enjoyment of the wake sports. So, when we got the chance to redesign our website, we knew that we wanted to add an updateable section where our boat experts could share their tips and tricks in getting the most out of our boats. These tips could be everything from how to get stubborn water spots off the hull to specialized tips about suggested exact speeds, weighting, and balancing for learning a specific trick. Who better to help with these tips then the Epic Boats riders Jeff Weatherall, Adam Fields and Tony Carroll. 

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Joseph 06/21/13 06:32:35 PM

I just recently bought a 2013 23V and my windshield is having problems closing without force. Additionally, on the deck, fuel tank cover (lid), the pin to pull up the lid broke.

I am curious as to what the formula of ballast system is for the biggest wake for boarding and surfing is?


Joseph 06/21/2013 06:06:11 PM

How much of a difference does the surf tabs make?

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The Education Center is a place for our team to help Epic Boat owners get more out of their boats. Whether that’s through specific weighting for a certain sport or ideal speeds for various trick development. We’re here to help you find that perfect wake experience.

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