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After years of competitive waterski training and interest in wakeboarding, Adam started giving lessons and working with other Pro coaches to further his training and introduce the sport of wakeboarding to new people. As a result, AF Wake School was founded in 2000, and has grown each year adding more coaches and teaching locations. The winter camp began in 2004 which allows year-round training in the wakeboarding hotspot Orlando, Florida. AF Wake has seen thousands of students from all over the world, and are helping others enjoy getting started and/or win World Championships of their own.  Lake Gaston (NC & VA) continues to be a hotspot for Spring and Summer training, and in 2012 AF Wake will add other wakeboard schools in Central and Northern VA, as well as Raleigh NC.

As the reigning BroStock champion and 2009 IWWF World Champion, Adam has a big year ahead of him. He will be featured in a lot of upcoming advertising with major companies, as their main player. He will be EPIC Boats’ featured rider in each industry magazine and website.  Adam will also be featured in at least two different industry magazines all year as Dunkelvolk’s featured rider.  He will participate in another European coaching tour in July, a pre-season East Coast coaching /demo tour, coaching at his home of Lake Gaston, and working regionally to create exposure for AF Wake by running other events. Adam is working with USA Wakeboard to organize contests and write a teaching certification program to set up clinics worldwide, new clubs, schools, events, as well as engaging more middle, high school, and collegiate wakeboarding teams.  Look out for Adam Fields in BIG PRO events in 2012 such as:

  • BroStock
  • Board Up/Pan-Am Champs
  • USA Cable Nationals and Collegiate National Championships
  • USA Wakeboard Nationals
  • Oakley Riot-in Dubai
  • ALL of the AF Wake Series events
  • EPIC Sessions Tour
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