Tony Carroll


Tony Carroll's 2012 Schedule

Wake Games: April 14-18, Orlando FL *Might be Going* CIE Spring Ride: May 4-6, Lake Tulloch CA Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop#1:  May 18-19, Acworth GA Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop#2: June...

About Tony

  • Age: 23
  • From: Fresno CA
  • Lives in: Orlando FL
  • Board: 142 Hyperlite Franchise
  • Binding: Systems w/ Webb Boots
  • Rope/Handle: Chamois w/ A-line
  • Rope Length: 82.5ft
  • Boat speed: 24.5mph
  • Motto: They say they wanna bring the 80s back; thats ok with me thats where they made me at. est. 1988
  • I Ride With: Anyone that wants to come out on the boat.
  • Best Place to Ride: The California Delta

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