Cutting Edge + Common Sense Come Standard

We’ve made boat buying easy for you by making industry-firsts like transom audio, dual-rudder vector steering, biggest-in-the-business ballast tanks, all-foam flooring and more standard on every Epic Wakeboat. Then we price it right so you can spend less time shopping and more time on the water.

But if it’s shopping you like, then don’t worry. There are several options and upgrades to consider, but you can buy with confidence knowing you’re not sacrificing anything with an as-is Epic Wakeboat.

Industry First Heavy Duty. Light Weight.

The shape isn’t the only ingenious thing about Epic Wakeboat hulls. What they’re made of is equally as impressive.

Epic Wakeboats’ Resin-Infused All-Composite Construction is a process that takes the industry-standard foam and fiberglass hull and bulks it up by applying high-quality resins, then vacuum packing it to completely saturate the materials. Once it cures, it can absorb a much heavier impact than our fiberglass competitors.

Stronger doesn’t mean heavier. With the 23V’s dry weight at only 3,200 lbs., you can tow it with just a V-6.

  You Hear Music. Your Driver Hear the Roar of the Crowd. Lytebox Image. You Hear Music. Your Driver Hear the Roar of the Crowd.

A session isn’t the same without music. But shouting over the noise of cranked-up tower speakers gets frustrating for passengers. Epic’s speakers are strategically placed in the transom to allow the sound to be faded back and directed right at you, while the cabin speakers can stay at conversational level.

It’s a sound strategy, only found on Epic wake boats.

Precision Propulsion Sublime

Slice through the water with superior handling thanks to Epic’s industry-first, dual-rudder vector steering system. A rudder on each side of the 4-blade prop guides the boat without the slightest hint of instability, even when weighted down with a full 4,000 lbs of ballast.

When precision matters, and it always does, drive Epic.

Incredible Hull Incredible Hull

Epic Wakeboat’s founder tried and tried to tweak the hulls of existing boats, but the resulting wakes were underwhelming at best. Lucky for you, it made him angry. You would like him when he’s angry, because it pushed him to design a hull from scratch for the specific purpose of displacing as much water as possible.

It wasn’t a no-brainer (like including all-foam flooring) but the complicated calculations led him to create a hull that is designed to pull itself down into the water when in motion. Like an airplane wing creates lift when in motion, two separate sections of Epic Wakeboat’s hull actually drag it down into the water when it is in motion.

D.R.O.P. stands for Dynamic Reduction of Pressure, and it creates a beautifully-shaped, massive wake our competition considers downright villainous.

From Zero to 4000LBS in 90 secs.

Filling Epic Wakeboat’s unmatched 4,000 lbs. of ballast is as easy as flipping a switch. The switches aren’t turning on super-fast pumps, because there are no pumps, you’re simply opening the quick-fill gate valves and allowing gravity to work its magic.

Each of the three below-deck ballast tanks are controlled at the helm, giving the driver ultimate control over the amount and location of the ballast. Whether it’s one of the two 1,500 lb. side tanks, the 1,000 lb. tank located under the bow, or all three, they’ll be full before you can get your board on.

And they drain even faster.

Lock Away Your Gear

Ride hard. Put it away wet.

When you’re worn out from wakeboarding, the last thing you want to do is take extra time to clean your cabin’s carpet. With Epic’s low-maintenance design, there is no carpet. Not one inch of it. Epic’s all-foam flooring only needs light clean up even after heavy foot traffic. Just hose it out and go relax.

It’s a no brainer, but we’re the only ones who thought about it.

This is an overview of some of the standard technology featured on our boats. Innovations aside, these are the staples that make our boats durable, comfortable, and produce an incredible wake. They all center around making the best wake experience possible, whether you're the rider behind the boat or the driver/passenger inside.

Sculpt the wake and master your aerial artistry.

With wakes being created by a hull specifically molded to displace monumental amounts of water, and up to 4,000 lbs. of ballast stowed below deck, you’re going to need all the control you can get. Epic wakeboats’ Integrated Wake Shape Plate puts that control at your fingertips.

Keep the plate up for a smooth transition wake with a defined lip. Or in seconds, move it down to compose a longer transition wake perfect for wakeskating and honing your skills at every level. Epic Wakeboats put you in total control so you can concentrate on your craft.

East to clean. Tough to tear.

Rarely is a material so durable stitched with as much style as you’ll find hugging every seat of an Epic Wakeboat. The marine-grade vinyl can stand up to some serious sitting down, and only needs a hosing off to be completely clean. When you think about it, the best amenity of the interior is being able to spend more time on the exterior.

They’re so much more than just comfortable.

Hide your excess baggage.

No worries about bringing that extra backpack or a few more boards. Under the marine-grade vinyl stitched interior, and above the 4,000 lbs. ballast tanks lies all the space you’ll need to stash your stuff. With space beneath the seats, and on each side of the engine, it’s easy to keep an Epic Wakeboat clean and clear even when packed to capacity.

Clutter-free is stress-free.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

And nothing about the 330 HP Mercruiser Scorpion Engine needs fixing. From performance to customer support, Mercuiser has established itself as the best in the business. That’s why you’ll find it standard in every 2012 21V and 23V Epic Wakeboat.

It’s what happens when you combine the industry-standard engine with the industry-first advancements like resin-infusion and DROP Zone Wake-Enhancing Hull Technology that makes your time on an Epic Wakeboat anything but ordinary.

It’s power with peace of mind.

A glaring advantage. With so many other eye-catching features on an Epic Wakeboat, the dashboard may not attract much of your attention at first glance. Look closer, and you’ll see an in-your-face display that every experienced driver can appreciate. From filling the 4,000 lb. ballast, to adjusting the wake plate, or simply cranking up the volume on the transom audio, all controls are at your fingertips, and all gauges are easy to read. When all systems are a go, you’ll find the easiest thing to control is the boat itself. With dual-rudder vector steering, every turn of the comfortable steering wheel will be as crisp and precise as you’ve ever felt. It’s simply brilliant.

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