Even after decades of advancements by our predecessors, and Epic’s significant contributions, wakeboat's and wakesports’ potential has yet to be fully explored.

That’s why every Epic Wakeboat is built with a respectful nod to the past, and a razor-sharp focus on the future. Knowing that as the sport grows, everybody grows, we don’t just want to sell you an Epic boat and wish you luck. We’ve partnered with pros like Adam Fields of AF Wake School to show what a top talent can do

behind an Epic Wakeboat, and to educate pros, pupils and people of all skill levels on the finer points of wakeboarding. Check out the tips, instructions and other info at our education center. Keep learning…we’re always looking for up-and-coming talent on team Epic Wakeboats.

Can It Get Any Better?
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That’s what Epic Wakeboat’s founder, Chris Anthony, started wondering just over a decade ago. Considering he was asking the question about wakeboarding while riding behind a small I/O with a horrible wake and even worse holding speed, the answer was an obvious yes.

Despite the sessions behind second-rate equipment, his passion for wakeboarding grew each time.

Chris got a glimpse of how much better things could be while being towed behind a wakeboard-style boat at a Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club Tournament. Huge difference, he thought, but there was definitely room for improvement.

The more Chris questioned the functionality of existing wakeboats, the more people questioned his sanity. Chris ignored the many skeptics, both from within his circle of friends and from the industry he was trying to help, and took it upon himself to make those improvements.

He tried to modify the hulls of existing boats, but with limited and unsatisfying success. Then it hit him like a face plant at 20 mph. Every “wake boat” on the market basically just has a modified ski-boat hull.

Modifications weren’t good enough. He knew he had to start from scratch. The hull, the ballast, the steering, the construction methods and materials, everything had to be rethought. Everything.

After countless hours of researching, questioning and calculating, Chris had the data he needed. That data was transformed into the beginnings of world’s first wakeboat in his driveway in Mira Mesa, California.

When the 23V prototype was first put in the water in 2005, she ran like a champ. It did exactly what Chris designed it to do—create a huge wake.

Since then, the critics have slowly but surely been converted into Epic believers. And even though the questions have turned into compliments from pros, regular riders and industry insiders, everyone at Epic Wakeboats continues to ask the same question: Can it get any better?

The answer is always yes, but right now it’s as good as it’s ever been.

Built Proudly

The reason things are as good as they’ve ever been is because every Epic Wakeboat is now being built in a dedicated production facility. Our talented team in Vivian, Louisiana builds every Epic product with the same amount of thought and care that went into refining the initial design of the boat.

It’s the pride that these craftsmen (and women) put into every Epic Wakeboat that makes it so fun to ride behind one.

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