It ain’t easy to gain respect in this game. With so much competition, the poseurs get flushed out pretty quickly. So if you put in the time, and are lucky enough to get a chance to go next level, the Epic 23V 10th Anniversary Edition can help get you there…

375 Horsepower Mercruiser

You give the signal, and the Mercruiser 8.2 liter, 375 horsepower engine yanks you out of the hole faster than a mako in pursuit. Up on plane and craving victory, you’re being towed with the GPS Smart Tow Cruise Control set at precisely 23.8 miles per hour, but your heart’s going a mile a minute.

Transom Audio

The nerves shift to swagger as you realize your driver is on top of his game. Each turn feels so exact when guided by dual-rudder vector steering.

 23V Anniversary Vectorized

 Bigger Wake / More Air Bigger Wake / More Air

But the water is anything but calm. The 4,000 lbs. of ballast and DROP Zone Wake-Enhancing Hull technology are throwing torrential wakes at you. Despite the deluge, you’re in the zone. This could be

the run you’ve been practicing for. With rope tension tight, and the wake being manipulated by the wake shape plate, you cut in towards the hydraulic ramp and launch into to a legendary aerial exhibition.

 23V Anniversary Sublime

The next few minutes of wind and wake become a blur. Before you realize it’s over, you’re hearing your driver’s voice through the talk-back microphone congratulating you on a sick run. You look up to see his stoked expression in the tower-mounted mirror, let go of the rope and triumphantly raise your arms in the air.

 23V Anniversary Transom Audio Sublime

As you descend underwater, smiling all the way down, the sounds from the transom audio morph into the deafening applause of your new fans. You’ve played it in your head a thousand times, but you never could have imagined how sweet it sounds in reality.

 23V Anniversary - LED's

And as you do your victory lap, with the LED lights shining bright red through the resin-infused hull, remember there is a fine line between earning respect and claiming it.

 Safer Vectorized Steering Image Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation

We never lose sight of that at Epic Wakeboats. Every Epic Wakeboat is built with an intense respect for the riders, the sport and the industry. From the core riders who have been with us since the start, to those just learning how to stand on plane, disappointing you is

not an option. With the Epic 23V 10th Anniversary Edition, we’ve set out to earn our spot on the medal stand. So please, join us as we pull the champagne out of the built-in cooler and have a toast to an Epic first 10 years.

23V Anniversary Options
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Premium Lighted Graphics

The 23v 10th Anniversary comes standard an industry first lighted sidewall graphic that shows off the Resin Infused core of the hull with an ability to glow bright red with a click of a button inside.

LED Courtesy Lights

Preparing to go pro and want to be at your spot before dawn? Don’t want the sunset to be your curfew? See and be seen with LED Courtesy Lights.

Surf Trim Tabs

If you want more than the already insane performance of the 3,600 lb. ballast and wake-enhancing hull, these two easy-to-adjust trim tabs maximize your surfing experience.

Tower Mounted Mirror

If it’s just two of you, you need it. If there’s a boat full, you won’t want to miss anything. Keep an eye in the back of your head at all times with this oversized rearview mirror.

Premium Shipping & Storage Cover

Safeguard your investment during shipping and extended storage with this custom-fit cover. It’ll keep your shiny new toy mold-free and factory fresh every time you unwrap it.

Premium Tandem Axle Trailer with Disc Brake

With style—and a tire—to spare, you’ll be thankful for the disc brake every time you have to stop short to avoid the rubber-neckers gazing in awe at this Epic set up.

Premium Tight Fit Travel Cover

Your Epic will treat you right when it’s towing you, so return the favor when you’re towing it. Protect it from the elements with this rugged, custom-fit cover.

Bimini Top

Instant shade when you want to cool down after laying up on the sun deck. It’s customized for the Epic Wakeboat tower so it opens and closes with ease.

Mercruiser 8.2l 375hp Engine

Experience sonic acceleration and stunning fuel efficiency with the big block engine that includes a Hurth V-Drive transmission. Because it heaves you out of the hole quicker, it starts to sip gas when lesser engines are still guzzling, and struggling to pull you on plane.

GPS Smart Tow

Dial in your perfect wake speed in increments as small as .2 MPH for each rider with the GPS Smart Tow system. Featuring a new and improved corner speed hold system that leaves other cruise control systems in it's wake. Also includes Launch Mode Technology.

15 Speaker Premium Audio with Transom Audio, Subwoofer, Talk-back Microphone and CD/MP3 Player

On full blast the reverberations from the Wet-Sounds’ speakers alone might create a wake worth skating. This set-up with 6.5” speakers and 10” subwoofer is almost guaranteed to give you the best system on the water.

Three Outlet Heater with Extendable Tubes

You can leave the vents in place to heat your feet, or pass the three extendable tubes to your friends so no one has to bundle up on the boat.

  • Hull Length: 21’6”
  • Beam: 98”
  • Seating: 12 people
  • Fuel Capacity: 52 gallons
  • Approximate Weight: 3,650 lb.
  • Mercruiser 350 Scorpion 330 HP Engine
  • 3,600 lb. Internal Ballast
  • Integrated Wake Shape Plate
  • Dual Rudder Vector Steer System
  • Resin Infused All Composite Construction
  • D.R.O.P. Zone Wake Enhancing Technology performance prop
  • Collapsible Tower – foldable by one person
  • Swivel Board Racks
  • 8 Speaker Basic Premium Audio, with Transom Audio and Talk-back Microphone
  • GPS Smart Tow Cruise Control with Launch Mode Technology
  • 20 Cup Holders
  • Easy to Clean Foam Flooring
  • Convenient Storage Compartments
  • Full Width Sun Deck infused Swim Step
  • *Anniversary Only: Lighted Sidewall Graphic*

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